This page describes CONFERENCE SERVICE S.R.L. PRIVACY POLICY with regard to the processing of personal data provided by individuals to CONFERENCE SERVICE S.R.L., Organizer of ExpoTunnel Exhibition.
This notice is provided in accordance with article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 to parties interacting and/or using the Web services of CONFERENCE SERVICE S.R.L.
The notice concerns solely website and not other linkable websites. 


Data provided to CONFERENCE SERVICE S.R.L. are processed primarily by means of automated tools and solely for the purposes indicated and only for the period of time strictly necessary for fulfilling the purposes for which said data was obtained.
Specific security measures have been taken in order to prevent the loss, illegal or improper use of said data as well as unauthorized access.

Owner of the processing rights is: CONFERENCE SERVICE S.R.L., Via de' Butteri no. 5/a, 40125 Bologna, Italy.
Responsible for processing data is: CONFERENCE SERVICE S.R.L., Via de' Butteri no. 5/a, 40125 Bologna, Italy.
The Interested party can contact the above mentioned responsible for the purpose of exercising the rights guaranteed by art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.


Parties whose personal data is in the possession of CONFERENCE SERVICE S.R.L. have at any time the right to obtain confirmation of whether or not said data exists and to know the contents and origin of said data; they also have the right to verify the accuracy of said data and request that it be updated, corrected or supplemented (art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003).
In accordance with the same regulation, they also have the right to request that data processed in violation of the law be cancelled, transformed into an anonymous form or blocked and to contest the processing of said data in the case of legitimate motives.
All requests should be made to CONFERENCE SERVICE S.R.L., Via de' Butteri no. 5/a, 40125 Bologna, Italy - fax +39 051 4298312.


Confirmation of the data is optional but it could prove to be indispensable to benefit of services offered, also through the websites, by CONFERENCE SERVICE S.R.L., in which case the personal date requested must be provided using a specific form. Failure to provide the data may make it impossible to fulfil the request.

When CONFERENCE SERVICE S.R.L. acquires personal data offline (e.g. using paper forms), the interested parties are immediately notified of the processing policy and, when necessary, permission is obtained from the interested party. The same procedure applies when personal data is obtained by means of forms downloaded from CONFERENCE SERVICE websites (such forms include information regarding the specific processing procedure and policy).

In the case of data that has been acquired directly from CONFERENCE SERVICE websites (e.g. registration forms to ExpoTunnel, data provided for online services), essential information regarding processing is provided at the time of the data acquisition procedure on each form on the website. Furthermore, this page is always accessible for more detailed perusal of CONFERENCE SERVICE PRIVACY POLICY.

Whenever a party opts to voluntarily and explicitly send mails or emails to CONFERENCE SERVICE S.R.L., stating the consignor's address, as well as any other personal data included in the message, these information are automatically acquired for the reply purposes.

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